The Funk Truck is the musical and ideological vision of bass player/ vocalist/ multi-instrumentalist John “Kingvegas” Kiehne. It’s purpose is to be a collaborative effort by musicians, artists, videographers, community activists, educators and so forth to create some great and empowering music while also creating opportunities for members, fans and the community in general. Below is a summation of our goals.

  • To create fun, inventive, positive, fun and musically progressive music as a means to elevate, energize and enlighten humanity.
  • To be artistically and ideologically inclusive by including a diverse array of sounds, styles, ideas and approaches.
  • To create artistic opportunities for the members of the collective as well as draw in more opportunities for and from the community that we serve.
  • To create a framework from which the collaborators on The Funk Truck can create, produce, distribute and promote their works.
  • To learn and grow by participating in networking and educational opportunities to further expand our minds and spirits as well as improving our business acumen and professional network.
  • To give back to the community by providing workshops for music, art and business students regarding performance, production, business, etc. as well as community-building events to promote a more peaceful and progressive future for St. Louis and beyond.

If you would like more info about The Funk Truck and what we are doing please go to the Contact page. If you would like to be involved please submit your info on the Submission page. Thanks so much for your interest in The Funk Truck!


About Kingvegas…

Kingvegas is also known as John Kiehne. John plays bass, Warr Guitar, guitar and sings as well as dabbling on the drums and keyboards on occasion. John also has a strong interest in riding and working on motorcycles. Though he owns 3 bikes- his favorite is his 2007 Honda CBR600rr and he rides daily.

John was born in St. Charles, Mo on June 2, 1967. He grew up in St. Charles and graduated from Francis Howell High School in 1985. As a child John played saxophone and tuba in the school band as well as guitar and bass in high school jazz band. He started performing publicly on guitar around the St. Louis area at age 15 and went on his first national tour playing bass at age 18. Over the next few years John attended both the University of Mo. St.. Louis and Webster University as well as playing with a number of St. Louis- area groups such as Lexx Luthor, the Newsboys, Mystic Voyage and Julius Williams as well as doing a number of national tours.

In 1991 John moved to Boston and played with many rock bands and singer-songwriters on bass, Chapman Stick and Warr Guitar as well as starting his own original group Smokstik featuring his Stick and Warr Guitar playing and singing. Smokstik released a CD in 1998 entitled Bugs that is available worldwide on CD and as a download. He was also featured on albums by Jim Infantino and Lawrence Fehrlinghetti.

In 2001 John returned to the St. Louis area and has played guitar, bass and Warr Guitar as well as singing in a number of local groups including his own original group Smokstik, his cover group Kingvegas, OddsLane, Whiskey Morning, Steve Ewing, Javier Medoza, The Jason Nelson Band, Pretty Penny (STP Tribute), Just a Girl (No Doubt Tribute), Jeremiah Johnson, Mixtape, Swing Cat Swing, Flextasy, resistall, the Bonhomme, the House Brothers Band and many others.

jk profileJohn now teaches private lessons on guitar, bass and drums as well as playing a variety of cover gigs on bass and guitar and working on original material. He is also working on an instructional series for two-handed tapping on touchstyle instruments. He released a new Smokstik album 2 in 2010 and a few new Smokstik singles in 2012. He also played guitar and sang on Three Fif’s recent single Taking the Reins. Kingvegas has put his band Smokstik on hiatus and is now writing material for and rehearsing with his new project The Funk Truck.



Kingvegas discography:
Smokstik- Running Things (single) (Supergod Recordings-2016)
Smokstik- Money Tree (single) (Supergod Recordings-2015)
Smokstik- 500 Song (The Abarth Rocks) (single) (Supergod Recordings-2015)
Three Fifs- Taking the Reigns (single) (2012)
Smokstik- Corn Cob Bob (single) (Supergod Recordings- 2012)
Smokstik- Fill Me Up (single) (Supergod Recordings- 2012)
Smokstik- 2 (Supergod Recordings- 2010)
Munk- Anime Sweetheart (Waxboy Records- 2001)
Dana Colley/ Lawrence Ferlinghetti- Coney Island of the Mind (Rykodisc- 1999)
Smokstik- Bugs (Supergod Recordings- 1998)
Daniel Liszt- The Midnight Broadcast (Engemics Records- 1998)
Jim Infantino- Titanic (Gadfly- 1997)